Desert Witch Retreats

“Embodiment reveals our bodies as central to change and transformation.”
- Prentis Hemphill

Welcome to our new retreat website!

This is your new resource to discover our soulful retreat events honoring who you are deep down. 
These retreats help you uncover or return to your center. 
If you consider yourself an artist at heart, whether you have a career in the arts or create after hours, on the side or only in your mind, our retreats will give you the nourishment you need to feed that creative fire.
We hold space for your curiosity about yourself in the world today as well as your desires for yourself now and in the future. 
Embodiment Retreat

Take part in a transformational experience reconnecting the mind and returning to the body. This retreat is for artists who feel the loss of their inner creative voice, who feel overwhelmed and pulled in every direction except the pull of their own path.

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Desert Nights Retreat

If you love astrology and find yourself wondering about how the stars affect you, endlessly looking up your horoscope and hoping you’ll gain some insight about which direction to go, join singer-songwriter Pam Rose for our Desert Nights Retreat in the high desert in CA in April. Pam has been studying the stars for as long as she’s been writing music and we want to share both with you.

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