Creative Life Coaching

Creative Life Coaching is for the creative person who is navigating life through the lens of an Artist.


Being an Artist doesn’t only mean you have your work in a museum or that you’re working on a show right now or getting paid for your work. Being an Artist means you have a curiosity about life and how the story is unfolding. Being an Artist means you feel things more acutely and see things in your environment in more vibrant colors. It means you look more deeply into our human experience and have an ongoing yearning to create art and to create connection through your art.


Many of us have Artist parts inside us, even if the day job is in a corporate setting. When working with folks in this way I pull from all of the learning that appears on the other pages of this website; breath work, voice work, consent-based practices and Somatic Experiencing. I also use Parts Work and the teachings of Byron Katie, thich nhat hanh, Brene Brown, Elizabeth Gilbert and Amy Edmondson.


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